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Hazardous Materials

Updating Requirements for Business Plans

Hazardous Materials Business Plans must be updated annually to ensure that current information is available for emergency response and to fulfill Community Right-to-Know laws.

The inventory portion of the business plan must be updated every January, by the 31st.

The entire business plan must be updated within 30 days of any of the following:
  • Any handling of a previously undisclosed hazardous material subject to the inventory requirements.
  • An increase in quantity of a previously disclosed hazardous material.
  • Change of business address.
  • Change of business ownership.
  • Change of business name.
  • Change of name / phone number for emergency contact(s).

The State of California requires the owner or operator of any business that handles hazardous materials in quantities equal to or greater than 55 gallons, 500 pounds, or 200 cubic feet of gas at standard temperature and pressure, to develop and submit a business plan.

The California Emergency Management Services (CalEOS), acting pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 25503.3, has developed a single comprehensive hazardous materials inventory form for businesses to use to submit their individual hazardous materials inventories. This form contains all state and federally required inventory information. Use of this form is mandatory.

An Inventory Report along with the Business Activities Report and Owner / Operator Identification must be submitted on or before January 31. After initial submittal of these new forms, if no changes in your inventory have occurred and your business is only regulated under the state program, you may submit a certification statement. Refer to Health and Safety Code Chapter 6.95, Section 25503.3 for specific inventory certification requirements.

The forms below provide all the information to comply with the mandatory state format for Business Plan reporting. The text of California Code of Regulations Title 19 Chapter 4 (*) has been made available for reference.

Any general questions or questions regarding assistance filling out forms may be directed to the Office of Emergency Management.