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Emergency Management Guide - For Business and Industry


Prepared for you by the County of Sutter and the City of Yuba City

This Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry outlines the minimum actions that City and County officials are recommending you take as the rivers rise. Understanding that your business may have unique needs or require more advanced notice for relocating inventory , you should consider revising the recommended actions to ensure you have adequate time to complete those actions you feel essential.

The phases described in this guide roughly correspond to stages that are in the County/City Slow Rise Flood Plan which is primarily designed for saving lives and only secondarily concerned with business and property. By taking a business oriented look at the plans, the guide offers suggestions for business owners to take in safeguarding their property and inventories from floods and rising water. While historically the river's level has provided approximately twenty-four hours between phases, recent experience has proven that figure could easily be reduced to eighteen hours or less.

Different states of emergency can, and most likely will, exist in different geographic areas or basins of the County. The distinct areas that may be impacted during a slow rise flood incident are identified on the basin map in the Basin Maps section of this guide. A "Read for Action Level" is identified on the rivers that affect a basin. The guide applies to all basins and the terms used will be the same in each area.

Your responsibility is to be ready and to respond to the evacuation instructions when they are given. Unfortunately, there is no one who is or will be able to accurately and consistently predict how fast the weather and the numerous other factors will combine in any given storm or rainy season to provide you with a factual time or river level at which an evacuation will be called. The City and the County can assure you that the evacuation decisions are always seriously considered and the mandatory evacuation orders are only issued when absolutely necessary.

We sincerely hope this guide assists you in preparing your business for emergencies. If you need further assistance or have questions about planning for an emergency please call either:

Yuba City Fire Department at (530) 822-4698
Sutter County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) at (530) 822-7400

It Is Your Responsibility To:
Prepare Now For A Sudden Emergency.

Learn How to Protect Yourself and Cope with Any Disaster
by Planning Ahead.

Understand that Disaster can Strike
Quickly and Without Warning!
Time is of the Essence!

Know that Local Officials and Relief Workers Will Be on the Scene
After a Disaster, But They Cannot Reach Everyone Right Away.

Know and Understand the Differences Between
and "Advisory Evacuation" and a "Mandatory Evacuation"!
Take Responsibility - Save Your Life!

Keep in Touch with Your Neighbors and Look Out for Each Other

Knowing What To Do is Your Best Protection and Your Responsibility.