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In-Home Supportive Services


In-Home Support Services

In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) is designed to allow persons with significant disability to reside within their own homes by having support for personal care or household needs. Clients of the program need to be recipients of Social Security Disability programs or be Medi-Cal eligible. The amount of services available is dependent upon the level of disability involved. Home care workers can be located through the Sutter County IHSS Registry.

For information call: (530) 822-7151.

How To Become An In-Home Supportive Services Provider In Sutter County


What is a Public Authority?


The Public Authority is mandated by state law to work in conjunction with Sutter County’s In-Home Supportive Program.

The role of the IHSS Public Authority:
  • Develop and maintain a Registry of IHSS Homecare Providers
  • Match consumers and providers
  • Check the IHSS Homecare Providers background and qualifications
  • Provide Training to Providers and Consumers

IHSS Public Authority Providers offer personal care-domestic services to those who are elderly, disabled or blind, which allow persons to remain safely in their own homes.

An IHSS Homecare Provider is a person who provides personal and domestic services to In-Home Supportive Services eligible Consumers. Duties may include personal assistance with dressing and bathing, as well as other household tasks.

An IHSS Consumer is a qualified, (usually SSI client) eligible elderly, blind or disabled person unable to remain safely in his or her homes without the assistance of a Homecare Provider.

Tonya Beebe - Public Authority Manager

Tonya Being a long time resident of Sutter County, Tonya is very familiar with the issues facing many of our seniors and persons with disabilities living in Sutter County. She has brought personal experience in dealing with issues affecting the disability community as her daughter has severe disabilities and has utilized community programs to ensure that her daughter remains living at home with her family.

Tonya started her career with Sutter County Schools as a Vocational Counselor in the Supported Employment program assisting developmental disabled and mentally ill adults find employment. From there, she was hired by FREED Center for Independent Living as the Director. She served as the Director of FREED for eight years; and from there she was hired by the State of California working for the Department of Developmental Services as a federal auditor for the Home and Community Based Waiver programs serving the Regional Center system. In July 2003, Sutter County IHSS Public Authority hired Tonya as the Public Authority Manager to implement the Public Authority program.

Office Hours


Contact Information

Tonya Beebe
539 Garden Highway, Suite B
Yuba City, CA  95991
Phone Number:
(530) 822-7619