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How to Become an IHSS Provider in Sutter County


Please read the instructions on this page carefully.

This website is ONLY to be used by caregivers or “providers” of the In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program in Sutter County. State law requires that all IHSS providers do all the enrollment steps and pass a background check before they are eligible to be paid by the IHSS program.

You are not eligible to enroll until after:

  1. The person you will be providing care for received notification they have been approved for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS).
  2. The person you will be providing care for has called and notified the Public Authority that you have been hired and your start date. IHSS Public Authority can be reached at 530-822-7619. For information on how to apply for IHSS services call IHSS Intake at 530-822-5990.

Your Enrollment as an IHSS provider will be completed in several steps please read the following steps before you Select “START ENROLLMENT”.

  1. Use the “Start Enrollment” link at the bottom of this page to watch the mandatory enrollment videos, complete your enrollment forms and schedule your appointment date and time to finalize the enrollment process with a Public Authority staff person.
    • When creating your account make sure to write down your username, password and security questions
    • Watch the mandatory videos (you will need your security question to watch the videos)
    • Review the documents shown on the enrollment site (you will sign these later during your appointment at the Public Authority
    • Schedule an enrollment date and time (this is done on the enrollment site in the final steps)
  2. Complete the DOJ Fingerprint Background Check.
    • Print the Live Scan form that is available in the enrollment system. If you are unable to print the form contact the IHSS Public Authority to request one.
    • Take the completed Live Scan form to fingerprinting location. The fee for fingerprinting is approximately $57.00 and is paid by you. Here is a List of Fingerprint Locations
    • Make sure you keep a copy of the Live Scan form for your own records. Occasionally, it is necessary for the IHSS Public Authority to contact DOJ when a record is not received and the information on your copy will be required.
  3. After you have completed your on-line enrollment, you will attend your scheduled enrollment appointment. Please bring the following items with you:
    • Valid California driver’s license, identification card or another US government issues photo ID
    • Original Social Security Card Copies are not accepted
      (NOTE: your name must match on both ID and Social Security Card)
    • Verification of vehicle insurance (proof of car insurance) if you are transporting the Consumer
    • Please do not bring children, friends, relatives, or others to your appointment – the waiting space is very small. No Public Restrooms. You may bring a translator.
    • Complete all of the steps on the Enrollment Website before your appointment.
  4. The following steps are needed to receive your first timesheets.
    • Make sure the person you will be taking care of has completed their paperwork (SOC 426A and IHSS Agreement) and returned it back to the IHSS Public Authority. These forms are required to tell us you will be their provider and understand their authorized IHSS services.
    • Wait 4 to 5 weeks after your appointment before calling to review the status of your case. It may take longer to receive your first timesheet.
    • You will need to enroll in the Electronic Services Portal to access your online timesheets. If you need help enrolling please contact us at 530-822-7619 or email at [email protected]

After you have read these instructions click on the following link to continue with your enrollment:

Start Enrollment

If You Have Additional Questions, Please Review the Question and Answer Page


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