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Elected & Appointed  Officers, Judges and Department Heads

Board of Supervisors
Supervisor, District 1:
Supervisor, District 2:
Supervisor, District 3:
Supervisor, District 4:
Supervisor, District 5:
Board of Supervisors:
Elected Officers
District Attorney:
Superintendent of Schools:
Acting Treasurer-Tax Collector:
Sutter County Superior Court Judges
Hon. David I. Ashby
Hon. Laura J. Davis
Hon. Perry Parker
Hon. Sarah Heckman
Hon. Susan E. Green
Appointed Officers and Department Heads
County Administrative Officer:
Agricultural Commissioner:
Child Support Services Interim Regional Director:
Interim County Counsel:
Development Services Director:
General Services Director:
Health and Human Services Director:
Human Resources Director:
Director of Library Services:
Museum Curator:
Chief Probation Officer:
Public Defender:
Mark Van den Heuvel
Veterans Service Officer: