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Archive Website

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Law Enforcement & Justice Portal

Find information concerning local law enforcement and justice systems.

Law enforcement includes the Sutter County Sheriff and District Attorney, Yuba City Police, Live Oak Sheriff Substation, and California Highway Patrol. Justice includes the Sutter County Probation Department and Sutter County Courts.

To protect and manage local wildlife resources, California Department of Fish and Game Wardens enforce state fish and game laws and regulations in the region.

Just across the Feather River in Yuba County are the Marysville Police, Yuba County Sheriff and the bi-counties Juvenile Hall.

It is through the cooperation of the public that many crimes are solved. If you know of a crime that has been committed or if you need help or information please call one of the numbers listed below.

Non-Emergency Numbers
Location Police / Sheriff
East Nicolaus 822-7307
Oswald-Tudor 822-7307
Live Oak 822-7307
Pleasant Grove 822-7307
Sutter 822-7307
Marysville 749-3900
Yuba City 822-4660
Yuba County 749-7777
Wheatland 633-2821

If you have an immediate, life-threatening Emergency,
DIAL 911

County Links

  • District Attorney
    The District Attorney's Office investigates cases and prosecutes both adults and juveniles charged with crimes occurring within Sutter County.
  • Juvenile Hall
    Juvenile Hall is a bi-county facility for Sutter and Yuba Counties and is located in Marysville.
  • Probation Department
    Access the website for the Sutter County Probation Department which provides information for both adult and juvenile probation divisions.
  • Public Defender
    If you cannot afford an attorney, the Public Defender's Office is available to represent defendants charged with crimes committed in Sutter County.
  • Sutter County Sheriff
    The Sheriff's Department provides law enforcement services for unincorporated areas of Sutter County, the City of Live Oak, and the City of Yuba City where annexations are being worked out over time.

Web Links

  • California Dept of Fish and Game
    Main website for the Department of Fish and Game. Information on fish and game regulations, licenses and tags, spill prevention & response, and wildlife law enforcement.
  • California Highway Patrol
    Main website for the Highway Patrol which is a major law enforcement agency for the state. The CHP provides primary law enforcement for state and interstate designated routes as well as for those areas under contract with local agencies.
  • California Dept of Justice/Attorney General
    Department of Justice website is executed through the Office of the Attorney General. Find legal information here regarding Consumer & Business issues, Criminal Justice, Crime Statistics, Firearms and more.
  • California DOJ Megan's Law Mapping
    The California Department of Justice's listing and mapping of designated registered sex offenders in California.
  • City of Live Oak Sheriff Substation
    The City of Live Oak contracts with the Sutter County Sheriff to provide law enforcement services to the City.
  • City of Marysville Police
    Main website for the City of Marysville Police department. Marysville is located just across the Feather River in Yuba County.
  • City of Yuba City Police
    Main website for the City of Yuba City Police department. Yuba City is the largest incorporated entity within Sutter County and is where the County government offices are located.
  • Rural Crime
    California rural crime prevention task force.
  • Sutter County Courts
    Superior Court of California for Sutter County.
  • Sutter County Courts Jury Duty
    Superior Court of California for Sutter County jury services information.
  • Sutter County Courts Calendar
    Superior Court of California for Sutter County court date information.
  • Yuba County Sheriff
    Main website for the Sheriff's department in neighboring Yuba County.
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