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Firewood Calculator

As a service to our local firewood consumers, the Sutter County Department of Agriculture provides an on-line firewood cord calculator for determining the accuracy of your firewood delivery. A typical stack of firewood will measure 48" x 48" x 96" to equal 221,184 cubic inches or 128 cubic feet. A cord must equal 128 cubic feet to be considered a full cord of firewood.


  • Before using this calculator, you will need take at least three measurements for each dimension of the stack to derive an average for each dimension (width, height and length).
  • Enter the number of firewood cords purchased and the price per cord paid.
  • Enter the average inches for each dimension in the appropriate box for each stack.
  • Click the "Calculate" button to get the total number of cords and dollar overcharge or undercharge.
For more information regarding cord measurements or to file a complaint visit the Sutter County Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures website or call (530) 822-7500.
Please provide the following information. Field Names in Bold are required.
Stack Dimensions
At least one Stack is required.
All dimensions are in inches and can be average values.
Stack 1
Stack 2
Stack 3
Stack 4